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Indiens Luftwaffe Absturzkronik 2004:

26 Februar: ein "Jaguar" der LW-Basis Nal verloren bei einer Shießübung in Jaisalmer, Pilot getötet.
Februar-März: ein MiG-21 auf ein kleinem Dorf abgestürtzt, nachdem sich der Pilot gerettet hat. 3 Tote, 14 verwundete im Dorf. Etwas später stürtzt ein MiG-23 ab, Pilot getötet.

Andere Unfälle auf Anfrage erhältlich. Rolleyes Die indische Luftwaffe macht offensichtlich seine MiG-21 seit 10 Jahren zu F-104G Starfightern, was der Absturzanfälligkeit betrifft. Confusedtaun: :rofl:

Bessere Nachrichten der indischen LW gibts:
- es wurde vor kurzem entscieden, eine luftgestützte Version des überschallschnellen Seezielflugkörper großer Reichweite Brahmos zu entwickeln.

Leider ziehen sich die Gespräche über den Ankauf von 125 neuen Mirage 2000 von Frankreich in die Länge.
Der LCA von Hindustan Aeraunotics Limited kommt jetzt nicht vor 2007 in Dienst, mmit dem indigenen Triebwerk muß man nicht vor 2009 zählen, deshalb wurden letzte Woche 18 zusätliche amerikanische F-404 Triebwerke gekauft, um doch eine Vorserie bauen zu können.

Was den Drohnen betrifft, entwickelt der Drdo der Nishant. Verzögerungen gibt es auch, was zu erhöter Interesse v.a. für israelische Drohnen führt.

Ich habe mich auf brennede News beschränkt.
Zitat:India and America today finished a joint Air Force exercise in Gwalior, in which the top pilots from the two countries matched their skills against each other.

While the all-powerful US Air Force had an easy run in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Indian top guns amazingly shot them out of the sky.
For the last ten days, five American F-15s have been faced off against Indian Sukhoi-30s, Mirage 2000s and MiG-21s in the skies above Gwalior.

On the first day all four American planes were shot down. Never once did the Indians come off second.
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Zitat:Ask him about the SU-30K and Henkel says: ``Its a big aircraft.'' He would know; the F-15 was known to be one of the biggest aircraft for a long time till the SU-30 arrived.

Over the weekend, USAF pilots convened an urgent meeting for a brainstorming session to work out the tactics to deal with the SU-30K.

``It surprised them,'' says an IAF pilot, adding: ``I don't think they were expecting that kind of performance''.

Dave Skalicky would agree with him. He has flown over the Taj Mahal, seen the Himalayas and come back to Gwlaior, several joint exercises later, with a new-found respect for his Indian counterparts. His colleagues have had a ``few rides on the SU-30K and the MiG-21 Bison''.

About the much-talked about MiG-21, he says: ``It's very good and we were surprised with its new avionics''.

On Wednesday morning, as four USAF 15C took to the skies to ``defend'' the Gwalior air base against ``invading'' IAF strike aircraft, both had a ``mission'' in hand. Forty minutes later, Gwalior was ``bombed'' by an IAF MiG-27 escorted by a fleet of SU-30Ks and Mirage-2000s.
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loooooooooool !! :laugh:
Da haben die Amis mit ihren "achsovielen" Flugstunden von den Indern mal so richtig den Arsch versohlt bekommen ...*ggg*
Da sind die Inder ja nicht die ersten die das geschafft haben.:laugh:
Mache die Israelis regelmäßig.
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Zitat:Mirage 2000 Crashes After Take Off, Pilot Safe

GWALIOR --- A frontline Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force crashed soon after take off from the airbase here today but the pilot, Squadron Leader HS Gill, ejected safely.

The aircraft, which left the airbase for a practice interception sortie at 12.45 PM, developed problem with the undercarriage with a wheel falling off soon after take off, an IAF spokesman said.

Following the emergency, “the pilot undertook a planned ejection, burning out the fuel and then pointing it towards uninhabited area near the base,” he said.

There was no casualty on the ground and the pilot who was picked up by rescue helicopters was reported to be completely safe and unscathed, the spokesman said.

A Court of Inquiry has been ordered into the crash, he said.
Zitat:Indian Air Force Loses Second Mirage-2000 in Month

A French-built Mirage-2000 military jet of the Indian Air Force crashed Oct. 12 after its pilot failed to control the aircraft during midair technical snags before ejecting safely, a military spokesman in New Delhi said.

The aircraft took off from the central Indian city of Gwalior at 11:30 a.m. (0600 GMT) but within minutes developed unspecified snags, air force spokesman Squadron Leadar Mahesh Upasani said.
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Zitat:Don't fret if Pak gets F-16s

NEW DELHI: India need not lose sleep even if Pakistan manages to acquire more F-16 fighters from the US. After plastering American combat pilots in an exercise earlier this year, IAF top guns now have another reason to be gung ho: their top-notch mean machines have proved more than a match for F-16s, the much-vaunted 'fighting falcons'.

Russian-origin Sukhoi-30MKI jets are apparently outgunning American F-16s on "several aspects" at the ongoing Indo-Singapore air combat exercise in Gwalior.

This is the first-ever face-off between these two sophisticated war machines originating from the two former Cold War adversaries.

"Our Sukhois are doing very well against the F-16Cs (of Singapore Air Force) in terms of manoeuvrability, sophistication of avionics and weapon systems. Similarly, our MiG-29s and Mirage-2000s are also matching up to the F-16s," say IAF sources.
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Zitat:Eurofighter hat in air force ring

New Delhi, Sept. 28: Buoyed by the contract to supply Advanced Jet Trainers to the Indian Air Force, a team from a British military equipment export organisation that is in New Delhi is offering to sell the Eurofighter Typhoon.
It is but expected that with signals going out that the race to bag the contract for about 120 fighters for the IAF could be open, other companies will throw their hats into the ring.

The US’ Lockheed Martin, the Russian MiG Corporation and the Swedes would also be interested. Lockheed Martin’s F-15K fighter is understood to be competing with the Eurofighter for a contract from South Korea.

The Indian Air Force is looking to replace about six squadrons of its MiG-21 air defence fighter aircraft. The French Dassault Aviation’s Mirage 2000-V is said to be the frontrunner in the race. The contract for an estimated 120 aircraft to be delivered — part off-the-shelf and mostly through co-production with the public sector Hindustan Aeronautics Limited — over a five- to seven-year period could run into many thousands of crores.

The Mirage 2000-V, if it is negotiated, could be in the region of $30 million each. The IAF is familiar with the Mirage 2000 — of which it has two squadrons (about 40 aircraft) and which have been operationally proven. But the British team is understood to be making the point that the Eurofighter Typhoon will have a “generational difference” with the Mirage. The Mirage 2000 was first inducted into the IAF in 1985.

The development of the Eurofighter Typhoon has been dogged by political problems. But it is claimed that the first of 620 Eurofighters have been delivered to air forces of the partner nations for about $33 million each.
Zitat:India Successfully Tests Anti-Aircraft Missile

India successfully test-fired a short-range surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile on Nov. 26, from a site in the eastern state of Orissa, defense sources said.

The missile, named Akash which means Sky in Hindi, was fired from a mobile launcher at the Chandipur-on-Sea testing site, northeast of the Orissa state capital of Bhubaneswar.

“It successfully hit the target” attached to a target aircraft, one source said.
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Korporation Irkut nahm die Lieferung des Schlusspostens von Jagdflugzeugen Su-30MKI der letzten Generation nach Indien auf

Zitat:Die russische Korporation Irkut nahm die Lieferung des dritten, aus sechs Jagdflugzeugen Su-30MKI der letzten Generation bestehenden Schlusspostens an die Luftstreitkräfte Indiens auf. Das teilte Alexej Fjodorow, Präsident der Korporation Irkut, auf einer Pressekonferenz in Moskau mit.
"Somit schließt Irkut in Kooperation mit dem Sonderkonstruktionsbüro /OKB/ ‚Suchoi', der Forschungs- und Produktionsvereinigung /NPO/ Saturn und anderen Unternehmen die Erfüllung des präzedenzlosen Vertrags ab, der vor acht Jahren, am 30. November 1996, unterzeichnet worden war", sagte er.
Wie Fjodorow berichtete, war in dem mit den Luftstreitkräften Indiens abgeschlossenen Vertrag die Lieferung von 40 Jagdflugzeugen Su-30MKI im Zeitraum von 2002 bis 2004 vorgesehen. Der gesamte Vertrag war in drei Etappen gegliedert worden.
Im Rahmen der ersten Etappe waren die Flugzeuge hauptsächlich für die Angriffe auf Luftziele bestimmt.
In der zweiten Etappe war das Jagdflugzeug für den Einsatz der X-31A-Rakete und den gleichzeitigen Angriff auf vier Luftziele unter Anwendung der gelenkten Luft-Luft-Rakete überarbeitet worden.
Das Flugzeug Su-30MKI der dritten Etappe realisiert alle Regimes der Navigation und des Kampfeinsatzes, entsprechend den präzisierten Vertragsverpflichtungen. Von dieser Maschinen aus können alle Luftkampfmittel, einschließlich des gleichzeitigen Angriffs mit Luft-Luft-Raketen, und die gelenkten Fliegerbomben Kaliber 500 und 1 500 Kilogramm mit Zielanzeige vom Laservisiersystem eingesetzt werden. Das Flugzeug der dritten Etappe ist mit einer vervollkommneten Antenne ausgestattet und sichert die gleichzeitige Begleitung von 15 Zielen und den Angriff auf vier Ziele wie auch die Kartographierung der Erdoberfläche mit hohem Auflösungsvermögen.
Wie Juri Lastotschkin, Chef der NPO Saturn, mitteilte, ist die Produktion russischer Jagdflugzeuge Su-30MKI in der indischen Korporation HAL aufgenommen worden.
"Derzeit werden zwei erste Flugzeuge erprobt. Die Produktion auf Grund der Lizenz ist entfaltet worden und nimmt an Tempo zu", betonte er.
Laut Lastotschkin werde die indische Seite in Übereinstimmung mit den Bestimmungen des Vertrags mit der Dauer bis 2007 das russische Jagdflugzeug, einschließlich der Triebwerke, der Avionik und der Bordausrüstung, bauen.
"Für die Produktion der Triebwerke auf Grund der Lizenz wird in Indien ein Werk mit allen notwendigen Abteilungen errichtet", teilte der Chef der NPO Saturn mit.
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Zitat:Embraer Signs MOU with India for Development of a New AEW&C System

(Source: Embraer; issued Feb. 8, 2005)

BANGALORE, India --- Embraer announced today that a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) has been signed with the Indian DRDO (Defense, Research and Development Organization) to support the Indian Air Force new Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) system development.

The new asset will be based on the EMB 145 Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) platform, one of the world's best selling ISR platforms. Embraer's commitment to contribute its previous experience in platform development and complex systems integration was a key factor in the DRDO's selection.

Indian government analysts and Embraer company engineers are collecting necessary technical data on the aircraft for the study. At the request of the Indian government, an Embraer team recently visited Indian Defense Research and Development Organization and held in-depth discussions to support DRDO personnel in their task.

The analysis is expected to result in an initial contract for three EMB 145 AEW&C aircraft and technical support during the development effort. An order for additional aircraft could materialize in the future, based on a successful first development phase.
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Zitat:India Has Plans for New Jet, Long-Range UAV

India is planning to develop a new jet fighter and a long-range version of an unmanned aircraft, defense officials said Feb 11.

The “Lead-in Jet Fighter” is at the drawing board stage and would be a natural progression from India’s existing homegrown Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), said N. Natarajan, scientific advisor to the defense minister.

“The technologies and capabilities which the Aeronautical Development Agency has acquired from the Light Combat Aircraft can been put to use in the new jet fighter,” he said. “The jet will have dual roles of a trainer and fighter.”

During the making of the LCA, engineering, design and computer aided manufacturing capabilities had been discovered that could be integrated and used in the manufacture of a new aircraft, Natarajan said.
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Zitat:The Indian government has given the air force a green light to purchase 126 multi-role aircraft, Air Chief Marshal S.P. Tyagi said Feb. 7.

“At the moment, the government has cleared the purchase of 126 aircraft. We are taking information from four countries, the United States, France, Sweden and Russia,” Tyagi told reporters on the fringes of an aero-space seminar. “We are seeking information (on various aircraft). It could be single engine or twin engine (jets). The field is right open.”

“Once we get the information, we will go ahead and seek requests for proposals. We will study those proposals and carry out a technical evaluation .... Then we will do commercial negotiations,” Tyagi said.

All the aircraft would be bought from a single manufacturer, he said, adding,” We cannot buy half from one and half from another because it increases our difficulties.”

France’s Dassault and U.S. giant Lockheed have long been considered frontrunners to upgrade the Indian air force.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has about 1,500 aircraft, but has lost a number jets, particularly Russian-made MiG-21s, which have been nicknamed “flying coffins” in India.

Tyagi said there was no fixed timeframe for the acquisitions but, “as chief of air staff, I want it today.”

He refused to put a price on the acquisitions.

“It’s too early because each aircraft comes with a lot of systems, weapons, so I cannot even hazard a guess,” he said.

The seminar precedes India’s annual air show which opens in Bangalore on Feb. 9. Lockheed Martin is showcasing F-16 fighters alongside Russia’s Sukhois, MiG-29 and MiG-21 jets and Dassault’s Mirage 2000.
Gerüchte über den Kauf von neuen Kampfflugzeguen gibt es schon länger und immer spielten dabei die Mirage 2000-5 und auch die Rafale den Hauptpart.
Lange hielt sich das auch Gerücht das Indien Mirage 2000 D kauft.
Aber die Zeichen verdichten sich das die Mirage 2000-5 das rennen machen wird und dies wäre auch ein logischerr Schritt da die indische Luftwaffe sehr zufrieden ist mit der Mirage 2000 und dies auch den logistischen Aufwand in Grenzen halten würde.
Guter Überblick über die Rüstungsprojekte der indischen Luftwaffe.

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Zitat:India Clarifies Combat Aircraft Plans

PARIS --- The Indian government has this week gone some ways to clarify its plans to renew its fleet of combat aircraft, but there are lingering doubts as to whether it will be able to implement these plans in their present form.

For example, the cost and complexity of aircraft development programs makes an investment in three distinct jet trainer programs a needless duplication of expenditure and energy. The Indian air force’s procurement plans also include fighter and transport aircraft, AEW&C aircraft, helicopters and beyond-visual range air-to-air missiles, but India has allocated about $50 billion to defense procurement over the next five years.

The most significant development was the Feb. 7 confirmation by Air Force Chief of Staff S.K. Tyagi that India would buy 125 new combat aircraft, and had issued Requests for Information (RFI) to four manufacturers: Dassault Aviation for the Mirage 2000, Lockheed Martin for the F-16, Russia for the Mikoyan MiG-29 and Saab for the Gripen. The Eurofighter Typhoon was not included as “there are specifications which the IAF had in mind which the Typhoon does not match,” Tyagi was quoted as saying.

Until recently, Indian had been negotiating directly with Dassault to buy 120-140 Mirages, which it already operates, and no reason was provided for its new procurement strategy. The inclusion of the F-16 is somewhat surprising as India has previously operated Russian and French combat aircraft, and introducing US weapons, logistics and training would undoubtedly add to capital and operating costs.

Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee told reporters during the Aero India show in Bangalore this week that Washington has shown interest in participating "in a big way" in India's defense market, and that while New Delhi wanted to "encourage" this trend the US would have to demonstrate its "credibility and dependability" as a supplier. He also noted that there are political and legal obstacles.
Im Zuge und als eine Art Gegenleistung für den Verkauf von F-16 an Pakistan
soll Amerika nun Indien sowohl die F-18 als auch F-16 Block 70 (!) angeboten haben.Diese sollen auch in Indien produziert werden können.
Dies berichten indische Zeitungen.

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Zitat:Lockheed Martin offers 'exclusive' F-16s to India

US aviation manufacturer Lockheed Martin has offered to build "exclusive" F-16 fighters for the Indian Air Force, much superior to any existing fighters in service world over.

"If India's requirements are beyond any existing fighters, we are prepared to make upgraded F-16s to India's specifications with complete transfer of technology," Mike Kelly, Senior Executive of Lockheed Martin told the agency in comments that assume importance after US Administration's decision to clear sales of high-technology fighters to India and Pakistan.
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Zitat:US offers co-production of F-18s to IndiaAdd to Clippings

NEW DELHI: In a dramatic decision, the United States on Friday night offered the co-production of F-18 fighter jets to India.

This follows the US decision to sell a number of F-16 fighter planes to Pakistan. Indian would be licensed by the United States to produce at least six ti
Wie realistisch diese Angebote sind mag ich nicht anschätzen aber vor allen Dingen das F-18 Angebot klingt höchts komisch.
Ich persönlich würde Indien sowieso davon abraten.Man sollte sich stattdessen darauf konzentrieren die innerhalb der Luftwafffe vorhandenen Muster mit neuen zu ergänzen oder gleich wirklich neue der 4.Generation zu beschaffen,sprich Rafale oder auch die Gripen.
Ersteres erspart Wartungskosten und ähnliches.
Ich denke man sollte nicht neben russischen Mustern und französischen nicht auch noch amerikanische besorgen.
Zitat:India May Buy 12 Used Mirage Jets from Qatar

India’s federal cabinet on March 29 authorized the defense ministry to negotiate the purchase of a dozen used French-made Mirage 2000 jet fighters from Qatar, Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee said.

India’s air force currently flies the fighter jets made by France’s Dassault Aviation and signed a deal in September 2000 to buy 10 new planes to replace aircraft lost out of a 1985 order of 49 Mirages.

Mukherjee said a federal cabinet committee on security headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh “authorized” the defense ministry to open negotiations with Qatar to buy a dozen more of the Mirage war planes.
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FLIEGER REVUE 07/2005 print S. 22 - 23
Zitat:Indien sucht neues Mehrzweckkampfflugzeug

Ablösung für MiG 23

Indien rüstet auf. Das nach China bevölerungsreichste Land will seine Luftstreitkräfte massiv modernisieren. In den kommenden Jahren sollen 126 Mehrzweckkampfflugzeuge MRS (Multi Rile Combat Aircraft) beschafft werden udn die alternde MiG-23-Flotte ersetzen. Gleichzeitig soll das MRCA die beretis in Dienst stehenden MiG-29 B und Mirage 2000 H der Indian Airforce unterstützten.
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