Luftstreitkräfte Bulgariens
Für die bulgarischen Luftstreitkräfte, die aktuell nur über rund ein Dutzend älterer MiG-29 verfügen, könnte es alsbald eine Modernisierung geben; so hat der US-Kongress nun grünes Licht für den Verkauf von acht F-16 gegeben.
Zitat:The US Congress Approved the Possible Sale of F-16 to Bulgaria

WASHINGTON, (BGM) – An announcement was published on the website of the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) stating that the US Congress has allowed Bulgaria to be given the opportunity to purchase a complete package for eight F-16 Block 70 multirole fighter aircrafts worth $ 1.6 billion, learned [...]

The package includes the value of the eight aircrafts with full air-to-air and air-to-ground armament, all additional aircraft systems as well as the future upgrades and newly introduced weapon systems.

This is the maximum financial framework of the project for acquisition of a new type of multirole fighter by Bulgaria. There is a two-week term during which the US government will provide the Bulgarian side with a draft agreement (LOA) in which the expected cost of acquiring the eight aircrafts with a package of the necessary combat capabilities will be within $ 1.2 billion. Upon expiration of the two-week term and receipt of the draft agreement, the negotiation process will continue.


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