Chinesische Marinebasis am Golf von Aden?
Im "Piratenstrang" hab ich ja schon geschrieben, dass die chinesische Flotte offenbar ihre "Blue Water Navy" Ambitionen bei der Bekämpfung von Piraten vor Somalia trainiert.

Inzwischen gibt es Meldungen, wonach Peking daran ist, im Golf-Bereich eine (strategisch günstig gelegene) Marinebasis einzurichten.
Das wäre - nach Myanmar und Pakistan - der nächste Schritt in einer Kette von Basen .... ... 00134.html
Zitat:Chinese admiral floats idea of overseas naval bases

Wednesday, December 30, 2009; 3:02 AM

BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese rear admiral has urged the nation to set up navy supply bases overseas in an interview posted on the Ministry of Defense website after China paid ransom to free a ship held for nine weeks by Somali pirates.

Yin did not suggest where the base would be. But the China Daily on Tuesday ran an interview with the Somali ambassador to China, asking for international assistance in building a coast guard.

(Reporting by Lucy Hornby; Editing by Nick Macfie) ... Aa4KBny6EA
Zitat:China mulling naval base in Gulf of Aden: admiral

(AFP) – 8 hours ago

BEIJING — A top Chinese naval official has proposed setting up a permanent base to support ships on an anti-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden, raising the idea that China could build foreign bases elsewhere.

In an interview posted on the defence ministry website, Yin Zhuo -- an admiral and senior researcher at the navy's Equipment Research Centre -- said such a base would bolster China's long-term participation in the operation.

China has sent four flotillas to the region since the end of last year, with the first escort fleet spending 124 days at sea without docking, Yin said -- a length of time that added to the challenges of the operation.

Since then, Chinese vessels have been allowed to dock and resupply at a French naval base. The United States, European Union and Japan all have supply bases in the region, he said.

"If China establishes a similar long-term supply base, I believe that the nations in the region and the other countries involved with the (anti-pirate) escorts would understand," he said.

"I think a permanent, stable base would be good for our operations."

As the world's largest importer of crude oil, China is reportedly interested in establishing naval bases in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand and the South China Sea to protect its sea transportation lines.
Zitat:China floats idea of first overseas naval base

A senior Chinese naval officer has suggested that China establish a permanent base in the Gulf of Aden to support its anti-piracy operations.

Rear Admiral Yin Zhou's proposal was posted on the defence ministry website.

Mr Yin said he believed other nations in the region would understand China's need for a naval supply base so that it could meet its international commitments.

The US and France already have bases in the region.

The Chinese navy has not been in this part if the world since the Ming Dynasty.

During the 15th Century, Chinese naval explorers reached the East African coast, visiting Mogadishu and Malindi, even taking back a giraffe and a zebra as souvenirs.

These days China is sending a lot more back home - such as African oil and minerals, which are vital for the country's economy. ... 103377.htm
Zitat:China pledges to advance relations with Djibouti

(Source: Xinhua) 2009-12-30

BEIJING, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- China on Tuesday pledged to work with Djibouti to push forward friendly cooperation in various sectors and advance bilateral relations into a new level.
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Zitat:China Considers Naval Base in Gulf of Aden
Written by Adam Gonn
Published Thursday, December 31, 2009

China is considering setting up a naval base in the Gulf of Aden to combat the rising Somali piracy.

Four Chinese warships are currently stationed in the waters outside Somalia together with vessels from the United States and Europe, but the Chinese vessels are reliant on a French naval base in the region for supplies and refueling.

Admiral Yin Zhuo, a senior Chinese naval officer, was quoted saying that China needs to strengthen its support capabilities in order to fulfill its international obligations.

“This is an economic issue,” Brig. Gen. (Retd) Musa Qallab, Former Program Manager for GCC Defense Issues at the Dubai Gulf Research Center told The Media Line. “China is looking at it economically, not strategically or in a way related to defense or political issues.”
... ... 254142.htm
Zitat:China rules out overseas naval base now
By Zhang Haizhou (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-01-01 08:23

China will stick to its current supply regime to support anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden, the Defense Ministry said on Thursday, responding to an admiral's suggestion that Beijing set up a permanent base in the region.
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Zitat:China’s naval base proposal may raise suspicion

Craig Nelson, Associate Editor

* Last Updated: January 02. 2010 9:56PM UAE / January 2. 2010 5:56PM GMT

Just when you think that unmanned drones, “asymmetric warfare” and the “hi-tech battlefield” have taken over theories of modern warfare, China always seems to pull you back to the 19th century, with its emphasis on mammoth standing armies and sprawling naval armadas.

But Beijing’s preference for these traditional means to project power appeared anything but a throwback last week, when a Chinese admiral proposed the construction of a naval base in the Gulf of Aden.

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