(Asien) Seestreitkräfte Taiwans
Zitat:Taiwan unveils first domestically built submarine as China threat grows

CNN — Taiwan unveiled its first-ever domestically built submarine on Thursday, an accomplishment the island democracy’s leader hailed as a significant milestone as Taipei works to boost its military deterrence in the face of a growing threat from Beijing.

President Tsai Ing-wen presided over a ceremony at the submarine’s shipyard in southern Kaohsiung city where the diesel-electric vessel was officially named “Narwhal” in English and “Hai Kun” in Mandarin – which can be loosely translated as “sea monster”. [...] The project involved a total of 1,003 Taiwanese personnel, most of which were involved in designing the submarine’s blueprint, Huang said. The personnel were all subject to monitoring by a military security division to ensure no secrets were leaked.

Huang said he was given a budget of $1.54 billion (NT$49.36 billion) to build the first ship. About 60% of the budget was spent on acquiring overseas materials and military equipment, but he believed that percentage would decrease in the future as Taiwan’s domestic submarine shipbuilding industry becomes more mature.


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