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So jetzt stelle Ich mal die Britische Luftwaffe vor und alles was sie anbelangt künftig bitte hier rein.:daumen:


1.Der Tornado F3 bildet momentan das Rückgrat der Britischen Jägerflotte.
Im Dienst stehen momentan 91 Tornado F3, wobei 100 Flugzeuge diesen Typs erst kürzlich geupgraded wurden.
[Bild: raftornadof3b.jpg]

2.Der Jaguar, obwohl aus den sechziger Jahren stammend, ist immer noch ein modernes und leistungsfähiges Kampfflugzeug. Es sind 44 Stück dieses Typs im Dienst. Es wurden erst vor kurzem 61 Flugzeuge zum GR3/A Stand geupgraded.


1. Der Tornado GR4/A ist eine erst kürzlich geupgradedte Version des Tornado GR1/A. Es wurden insgesamt 142 Tornados auf diesen Stand gebracht und momentan sind 110 dieser Flugzeuge im Dienst.
[Bild: raftornadogr4b.jpg]

2. Harrier GR7
Der Harrier GR7 wird auch auf den Invincibles Flugzeugträgern eingesetzt.
Alle Harrier der RAF und RN sind in der Joint Harrier Force zusammengeschloßen.
Es sind momentan 57 Flugzeuge im Dienst.
Insgesamt wurden Anfang der 1990er 96 Harrier GR7/GR5 geordert. ... rrierb.jpg

23 VC10 die auch als Transportmachinen eingesetzt werden können.
Außerdem 8 Tristar Tanker/Transporter.
Diese werden bald unter einem Private Finance Initiative (PFI) durch A330 Tanker von EADS ersetzt.

Vier geleaste C17 Transporter mit 78 Tonnen Zuladung geben Großbritannien die in Westeuropa einmalige Fähigkeit ganze Kampfpanzer per Flugzeug zu transportieren.
[Bild: rafglobemasterb.jpg]
Es kommen 54 C130 (RAF Bezeichnung: C1/3/4/5.) und etliche BaeJetstream und Bae 145/125 Flugzeuge dazu.


1. Der neuste Hubschrauber der Royal Air Force ist der Merlin MK 3, dieser Mittelschweretransporter kann 4 Tonnen transportieren und hat eine Reichweite von 1000 Km. Es wurden von diesem Hubschrauber 22 Machinen für die Royal Air force gekauft und alle sind jetzt im Dienst. ... flight.gif

2. Der Puma Hubschrauber war ein gemeinsames Projekt mit den Franzosen und heute sind noch 33 Hubschrauber im Dienst.

3. Der Schwertransporter bei den RAF Hubschraubern ist die Chinook von denen 34 im Dienst stehen und noch 14 weitere Machinen bestellt wurden. ... inookb.jpg

4. Es kommen zu den oben erwähnten Machinen noch 23 Sea King HAR 3 die in der SAR Rolle benutzt werden. ... akingb.jpg


Die Royal Air Force operiert in RAF Kinloss insgesamt 21 Machinen des Nimrod MR2 Typs und noch 3 Nimrod R2, die wohl Elektronische Störmittel
an Bord haben. ... imrodb.jpg ... mrod2b.jpg


Die RAF hat noch 7 AEW 1 Sentry und kriegt bald 5 ASTOR Flugzeuge, die das Britische Äquivalent zu den amerikanischen JSTARS sind. ... entryb.jpg ... stor2b.jpg

Später kommt vielleciht noch was zu den Waffen.
Waffen der RAF:

Storm Shadow:

Zitat:The missile is the BAe version (with some UK enhancements) of the French Matra APACHE/SCALP missile and entered service in late 2002. It will be fitted to Tornado GR4, Harrier GR7 and the Eurofighter Typhoon. The RAF is believed to have purchased an initial batch of 500 missiles. The programme cost is some £980m.


Zitat:It replaces the BL755 cluster bomb in the anti-armour role, and will be carried by Tornado GR4/4a, Harrier GR7/9 and Eurofighter Typhoon.


Zitat:Once a target has been identified, the motor is re-ignited and the missile makes a supersonic dive onto the target. The total RAF buy in the first manufacturing run was believed to be some 750 missiles.

BL755 Cluster Bomb:

Zitat:Each of these compartments contains 21 bomblets making a total of 147 bomblets in all. After the bomb has been released from the aircraft, the 147 bomblets are ejected and fall to the ground, covering a wide area. As each individual bomblet hits a target, a HEAT charge is detonated which can fire a large slug of molten metal through up to 250 mm of armour.

Paveway Reihe (Paveway2/3/Ehanced Paveway) :

Zitat:Shortcomings in target acquisition during the 1999 Kosovo conflict resulted in a requirement for the RAF to obtain a weapon to satisfy all-weather 24-hour tasking. The Enhanced Paveway (EPW) family of weapons meets this requirement, and the EPWII entered service in 2001 and the larger EPWIII entered service in late 2002.
Paveway 2: ... way11b.jpg


Zitat:ASRAAM is a fast, highly agile, fire and forget IR missile for short range air-to-air combat, able to counter intermittent target obscurity in cloud and severe Infra-Red countermeasures.
It is carried on Tornado F3, Harrier GR7/9, and Sea Harrier FA2, and the Eurofighter Typhoon. It will replace Sidewinder AIM-9L albeit that this will remain in service in parallel for a period.
The programme cost some £857m. There were considerable technical problems and delays.

Sidewinder AIM-9L:

Zitat:The Sidewinder missile, which is carried by all the RAF combat aircraft as well as the Hawk and Nimrod MR2, is an infra-red weapon which homes onto the heat emitted by a hostile aircraft's engines.

Sky Flash:

Zitat:Skyflash is in service on F3 air-defence variant of the Tornado. It was the RAF's major air-defence weapon before the acquisition of AMRAAM.
[Bild: rafskyflashb.jpg]


Zitat:This system is in use by Tornado F3, and will be used by the Eurofighter Typhoon. In addition, trials were underway during late 2000 with AMRAAM fitted to Jaguar GR1B. AMRAAM has been in service with the Fleet Air Arm since 1995, and the initial purchase was believed to be some 210 missiles worth some £50m.
For Eurofighter, the current cost for AMRAAM procurement is £214m with deliveries planned to begin from mid-2005.
[Bild: rafamraamb.jpg]

Meteor (BVRAAM):

Zitat:Meteor is a collaborative programme with five partner nations; Germany, Spain and Italy (for Eurofighter), Sweden (for JAS 39 Gripen) and France (for Rafale). The full development and initial production contract worth £1.2bn was signed by the parties in December 2002. In-service date has slipped from 2005 to 2008, and may slip further. Projected RAF cost overall is some £1.4bn.
[Bild: rafmeteorb.jpg]

Rapier (bedient von RAF Regiment):

Zitat:Rapier Field Standard B2 consists of an Optical Tracker, a launcher, a Radar and a Generator. The into-action time of the system is thought to be about 15 minutes and the surveillance radar is believed to scan out to 15 km. Each fire unit can therefore cover an Air Defence Area (ADA) of about 100 square kms. Having discharged the four missiles on a Fire Unit, two men are thought to be able to carry out a reload in about three minutes.
[Bild: rafrapier1b.jpg]

Maverick (anti armour) :

Zitat:The Maverick missile, which is used by the Harrier GR7 as an anti-armour weapon, entered RAF service in early 2001 and is the latest addition to the RAF's inventory.

CRV 7:

Zitat:The CRV-7 is a multiple-function rocket weapon, which uses modular warheads fitted to a universal rocket motor. Each pod contains 17 rockets, which are ripple launched together at the target.
Guter Thread,sehr gute Informationen.:daumen:
Meine Meinung zur RAF:Mit Frankreich zur Zeit modernster Luftwaffe in Europa.
Halte viel von den modernesierten Tornados,wenig von den Harriers.Zu den
C 17 muss ich sagen.Geile Flugzeuge mit großer Last,aber sind eben nur geleast.Ich hoffe die RAF kauft diese und ein paar mehr um den Fehler nur 25 A400 zu kaufen wieder gut zu machen.
Hat jemand Informationen zur Leistungsfähigkeit von rapier MK-2 ?
Ich weiß nicht genau was du unter MK2 verstehst, aber hier sind einige gute allgemiene Informationen. ... er-win.cfm

Zitat:Watchkeeper Win
Thales UK selected for the MoD's WATCHKEEPER programme

Today the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced the selection of Thales UK
as the preferred bidder for the next phase of the acquisition cycle of the
WATCHKEEPER programme. WATCHKEEPER will provide the UK armed
forces with an essential Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and
Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capability based on a tactical unmanned air
vehicle (UAV) system and will be a key component of the UK's drive for
Network Enabled Capability (NEC).
Alex Dorrian, CEO Thales UK said, “We are delighted that our
solution has been selected. WATCHKEEPER is a very important
programme for the British armed forces and as such this decision is a
strong vote of confidence in Thales UK and our multi-domestic approach.
We are ready to get moving and look forward to working closely with the
MoD to deliver, as prime contractor, an excellent operational capability
both on time, on budget and to requirement.
The decision firmly establishes Thales in
the global UAV systems market and reinforces our position as a major
British defence company and trusted prime contractor. It also
demonstrates our strong ISTAR and NEC capabilities that are so key to
the future strategy of Thales UK and the British armed forces. Based on an
endorsement of our solution we expect to secure around £400m worth of
export orders that will also be fulfilled in the UK.
WATCHKEEPER is the most significant UAV programme in Europe and this is therefore a key moment in Thales' UAV strategy. It confirms our expertise in systems integration, sensors and network enabled capability. Supported by our worldwide presence, Thales will offer from our UK centre of excellence, interoperable and competitive tactical UAV solutions to other customers in Europe and around the world.
The Thales UK WATCHKEEPER solution will create or sustain up to 2100
jobs, all of which will be in the UK. These high technology jobs in systems
integration, prime contracting, engineering and manufacturing will be within Thales UK, the Thales WATCHKEEPER team companies and throughout
the UK supply chain. Exports are expected to increase this total to 2500.
Thales is establishing a JV company with Elbit Systems in Leicester to
manufacture tactical UAV sub-systems to supply both WATCHKEEPER
and the rapidly growing worldwide UAV systems market, estimated to be
worth around £3bn over the next 10 years. The operational benefits of the
Thales UK solution include: a fully integrated ground environment; higher
endurance, lower attrition air vehicles; a minimal logistic footprint and the ability to deploy a full system to theatre in a single C-130 Hercules
aircraft. ... ID=7945932

Zitat:Watchdog slams "botched" purchase of Chinooks

LONDON (Reuters) - The defence ministry has been attacked by a parliamentary watchdog over its "disgraceful" purchase of eight Chinook helicopters which have remained grounded over safety fears.

The upgraded helicopters, built by Boeing Co and worth a total of 259 million pounds, have not entered service because of technical problems.

Zitat:U.K. May Cut C-130s To Buy More C-17s
Parliamentary Committee Slams MoD Cutbacks


Britain is preparing to get rid of a significant portion of its Hercules C-130J fleet to help pay for the expansion of the Royal Air Force’s C-17 fleet beyond the five aircraft to which it already committed.
Zitat:UK MoD to stretch service life of upgraded Harrier GR9

Potential delays to Joint Strike Fighter could see BAE strike aircraft fly beyond 2020
Link: ... r+GR9.html

Hallo weiss jemand in wie weit sich die britischen tornados von den deutschen unterscheiden?
Eine Auflistung der Unterschied zwischen den britischen GR-4 und den deutschen GR-1 IDS:
-digital avionics bus links
-improved defensive aids suite
-global positioning system (GPS)
-BAE SYSTEMS Terprom digital terrain-mapping system
-Honeywell H-764G laser inertial navigation system (INS)
-forward-looking infrared (FLIR)
-BAE SYSTEMS Thermal Imaging Laser Designator (TIALD) pod (extern)
-head-up display
-multifunction head-down display
-Goodrich Raptor reconnaissance pod (extern)
Zitat:THE RAF is drawing up plans to convert a fleet of 25-year-old patrol planes into Britain’s first long-range heavy bomber force since the Falklands war. (...) The study, by BAE Systems, is looking at the possibility of the planes carrying up to five Storm Shadows. These British-designed cruise missiles were first used in action by Tornados against Iraqi bunkers in 2003.
Link:, ... 52,00.html
Hört sich gut an, könnte diese Nimrod Version immerhin das 2.5fache wie ein Tornado an Storm Shadows tragen. Ist aber trotzdem erst 1/5 der Kapazität eines B-52. Beeindruckend ist aber die Reichweite, die kann nämlich mit den US-Bombern mithalten.
Fazit: Für GB eine super Lösung, sowohl Leistung als auch Preis, wieder an Bomberkapazitäten zu kommen.:daumen:
Ich fände das wäre auch ein tolle Sache. Dann hätte die RAF 15 Langstreckenbomber. Wink Die ECM Systeme und Radar sind ja jetzt schon sehr gut bei der Nimrod MRA4 (DASS ECM und Searchwater 2000 Radar).
Also die Nimrod ist immer noch ein ASW Flugzeug. Ihn als Langstrechenbomber zu bezeichnen. :lol!:
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